About PSA

Our services include Business Intelligence, Security & Crisis Management, Business Resiliency, and Research & Litigation Support.

Our strength is our commitment to inform human analysis based on an understanding of local factors. We maintain a network on the ground of human resources and a team of highly trained and multilingual analysts with background in journalism, political science, and law enforcement.

Company Profile

PSA was originally founded in November 1999, and quicky grew to become one of the leading Asian-focused business risk consultancy organisations. We help clients minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of doing business in markets complicated by political and economic instability, security threats, insurgency/terrorism, and lax rule of law. Our staff has extensive experience in the region, with professional backgrounds in government intelligence, military special operations and corporate security, as well as journalism, marketing, and management consulting.

Our Clients

PSA has a long and successful history of supporting Philippines-based industries, including oil & gas, mining, power & energy, outsourcing, manufacturing and financial services, as well as embassies and international development agencies. Our clients include natural resources firms, power and energy companies, outsourcing and manufacturing firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, professional services firms, embassies, government agencies, international organizations, and individuals.