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We excel at country risk assessment and insight, guiding clients with local knowledge and world class know-how in the Philippines.


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Our unique perspective

The Philippines market is complicated by political and economic nuances, weather, security threats, terrorism, insurgency, and lax rule of law. Acquisition of timely, accurate information is both essential and a huge challenge for most organizations.

We have more than 30 years of on-the-ground experience in the Philippines, and extensive knowledge and resources across Southeast Asia. Our operations and analysis teams come from professional backgrounds including government intelligence, military special operations, corporate security, journalism, and management consulting.

We have no political affiliation, and offer a uniquely unbiased view of the Philippines domestic market, legislative landscape, and crisis situations as they occur.


Local knowledge, timely information, reliable analysis.

Unbiased, Reliable Data

We emphasise quality over quantity. We fact-check all of our information, leveraging our in-depth understanding of local factors, before we publish, and we maintain an on-the-ground network for expert source commentary.

Expert Analysis

Our Philippines-based team of highly trained and multilingual analysts have backgrounds in journalism, political science, and law enforcement.

Broad Client Base

We have a long and successful history of supporting Philippines-based industries, including oil & gas, mining, power & energy, business process outsourcing (BPOs), manufacturing and financial services, as well as embassies and international development agencies (NGOs).

Unique Local Knowledge & Networks

We are local experts — which makes all the difference. We are uniquely positioned with analysts and deep networks in-country. With this local knowledge and know-how, we regularly help our clients avoid the many hidden challenges of navigating the Philippines business, political and security landscape.

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Business Intelligence Membership

Our premier online portal makes available all of our core analysis and forecasts for the Philippines — the content that you need to start making informed decisions on the opportunities and risks that the country poses for your organisation. It provides dependable information for those looking to invest or operate in-country, or for anyone who simply needs to understand what the country will look like tomorrow.

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Risk management information, consulting, and advisory services that cover the full project lifecycle including assessment, strategy development, strategy implementation, management, crisis prevention, and response.
Our clients include natural resources firms, power and energy companies, outsourcing and manufacturing firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, professional services firms, embassies, government agencies, international organizations, and individuals.
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The all-new PSA Business Intelligence: all the political, economic and market insights you need, online.

PSA's new online portal helps businesses, government institutions, non-government organisations and financial institutions stay ahead of the shifting in-country and external dynamics, to operate more effectively today as well as plan for the future.
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