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The Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) Professional Certificate Program is designed to educate an individual in the discipline of situational awareness, thereby creating a security awareness practitioner capable of understanding and dealing with the dynamics of random and potentially threatening events.

Situation Awareness Specialist Program Outline

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Thomas Pecora, SAS-MP
Acuri Group Master Instructor     

Tom is a former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Senior Security Manager who served over two decades managing large and complex security programs in active war zones.

He has extensive worldwide operational security experience and in-depth knowledge of CIA and Intelligence Community security disciplines through overseas postings and travel assignments in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Tom is a seasoned protective operation veteran and trainer. He has over 30 years of experience as a security professional working in counterterrorism, risk management, protective operations, counter-surveillance, investigations, crisis management and security consulting.

Aside from his position as a Senior Advisor with Arcuri Group, he is also the Director of Pecora Consulting Services (PCS LLC) where he provides leadership consulting services to companies with significant security elements.

Arcuri Group’s Situation Awareness Specialist® Professional Program sets a global standard for certification in the field of situational awareness. With certificate holders and strategic partners in over 58 countries, Arcuri Group LLC is a world leader in situational awareness training and certification through its Situation Awareness Specialist® Professional Program.

Over the course of several years, Arcuri Group, led by Dominic J. Arcuri, compiled and analyzed available documentation and research on the Craft known as situational awareness, along with professional experience, to develop the Situation Awareness Specialist® Professional Program.

Arcuri Group engaged thought leaders who have served with world leading organizations such as; the United States Marine Corps, United States Central Intelligence Agency, United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Coast Guard, United States Border Patrol, Toronto Police Service, Department of National Defence Canada, United Nations Police (UNPOL), various police agencies, and the University of South Florida Criminology Department, to peer review the Situation Awareness Specialist® Professional Program and provide feedback. The Standard was developed as a result of this expert led, consensus-based peer review process.




  1. What is a Situation Awareness Specialist®? A SAS is a person that has dedicated considerable effort and time to learning and expanding the craft of situational awareness and uses it in an operational setting.

  2. Does this certificate make me an expert? No. Becoming an "expert" in situational awareness requires years of time using the craft in real world settings and a continued practice to keep skills sharp. The SAS Certificate assists the practitioner in preparing for the pursuit of expertise by introducing the craft for professional use. A "specialist" is someone that trains in a particular area and then places his/her training credential and craft into operation.

  3. How will this certificate help my career? Marketing yourself is everything. If you broadcast your training credential, and are able to articulate how the craft and your training enhances your capability, then you are on your way. Situational awareness is an evolving discipline and requires constant practice and attention to detail. If you show your level of alert and commitment to threat mitigation, then the certificate will compliment your efforts by putting a credential on paper to go with your training. It is up to you to get your credential out there and make it valuable in your career.

  4. I have been working in the security industry for years, so why do I need this certificate? You do not need this certificate. This certificate is for those that seek certification as a professional development tool and for recognition for their dedication to the craft and overall mission of security services to detect, deter, protect and report. This certificate indicates to professionals in your industry that you have taken steps beyond the average person to seek a higher state of awareness to the events unfolding around you.

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    customer testimonials

    "I can definitely recommend this course to anyone from any walk of life. Don’t think that it’s just for military, law enforcement or security."
    - Paul H

    "I have been a police officer for twenty years and have a decade's worth of experience training police officers and civilians in tactics and de-escalation training.

    I was very impressed with the Arcuri SAS program particularly in the relevancy of the content which I found to be applicable to police officers and citizens alike. The delivery of the training could not have been better as Tom Pecora made the course engaging and very interesting throughout.

    I would definitely recommend this certification course to those serving in any sort of law enforcement or security role as well as any parent, student, or anyone else for that matter. If you want to increase your ability to identify potential threats, and boost your overall personal and professional safety, this is the training you need! "

    - Kevin L
    "I would like to thank you for the training session we received, it was very interesting and so was our teacher! I am scheduled to start new recruit training for airport patrol very soon, which is a huge deal for me. I am convinced that this course has given me more tools to achieve becoming a more competent trainer."
    - Sabrina M
    "Proud to say that I have achieved my Situation Awareness Specialist® - Advanced Practitioner (SAS-AP) certification through the Arcuri Group. The tools and insight provided by top notch instructor Thomas Pecora, SAS-MP are invaluable and will be put to good use by myself as well as the other members of our team."
    - Harry S. (GardaWorld)
    "It’s amazing how much my perception of the whole scenario and my possible responses has changed since taking the course."
    - Dalvir S
    "Very well done. Delivery was excellent and should be part of any training program for security professionals."
    - Garry H. (GardaWorld)
    "An awesome course that made perfect sense taught by subject matter experts. I can definitely recommend this."
    - Paul H
    "I attended the Arcuri Group Situation Awareness Specialist training course today. After spending 23+ years in law enforcement I was still able to learn new things to help me both personally and professionally."
    - David B
    "I would like to thank the team at Arcuri Group, specifically Rich Meyer, Thomas Pecora, SAS-MP and Jesse D. Free, C.D. for leading the Scotiabank Executive Protection team through the Situational Awareness Specialist course recently. Each team member walked away with newly found knowledge that they will be applying to their personal and professional lives."
    - Shawn C

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