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Your premium Business Intelligence subscription opens up all of PSA's core analysis and forecasts for the Philippines. It brings together all the content that you need to start making informed decisions on the opportunities and risks that a country poses for your organisation. It provides dependable information for those looking to invest or operate in-country, or for anyone who simply needs to understand what the country will look like tomorrow.

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Weekly Briefing

PSA’s analysis of the most important developments in Security, Business & Economics, and Politics, with original articles and independent research and analysis.

Weekly News Clips

Must-see stories from across the country impacting key sectors: Information Technology and Outsourcing, Mining and Oil & Gas, Labor, Power and Energy, Market Entry and Foreign Investment.

Monthly Communist Insurgency Report

A monthly report detailing nationwide communist insurgent activity.

Monthly Muslim Insurgency Report

A monthly report detailing nationwide Muslim threat group and insurgent activity.

Special Advisories & Security Updates

Periodic advisories and updates on major security issues and developments, social and political unrest, perceived emergencies, as well as travel and safety issues.

Security & Safety Bulletins

Periodic bulletins to support security, health, wellness, safety awareness efforts within your organization.

Monthly Crime Report

A monthly report detailing nationwide criminal activity affecting the expat community.

Special Reports

Every year, PSA publishes a variety of in-depth reports on key areas of interest, utilizing multidisciplinary analysis and leveraging PSA’s depth of experience. Every year, one of these Special Reports consists of PSA’s Annual Kidnapping Report.