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Covid-19 Daily Updates
Clear, reliable information and data on the ever-changing health, political, and regulatory pandemic landscape.
PSA Weekly
Our flagship weekly newsletter, with in-depth analysis and coverage of the week's most important stories.
Philippines News Clips
Our analyst team's weekly key picks from trusted local and international media sources; topics include Foreign Investment, Outsourcing, Mining, Energy.
Security & Safety Alerts
Professional ongoing analysis and impact assessments of natural disasters and other catastrophic events, including typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and civil unrest.
Running Assessments
Political Stability
State of the Economy
Foreign Exchange Volatility
Communist Insurgency
Islamist Insurgency
Legislative Trackers
We track all new government legislation from inception through each stage of the democratic process, to eventual implementation. Get clear summaries of legislative measures, impact, likelihood of success, and expected timeframes.
Economic Indicators
Detailed analysis of key economic indicators, including GDP forecasts and trends, monetary flow, inflation, unemployment, and trade.
Deep Dives
In-depth analysis and discussion of unique in-country topics and issues, including the BPO industry (outsourcing), monsoonal weather patterns, foreign investment, and impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Special Reports
Access to PSA's digital library of comprehensive 100+ page research reports, including Metro Manila Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment, Bangsamoro Investor's Guide, Philippines Kidnapping Overviews (annual), and Philippines Crime Statistics.
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Threat Analysis & Interactive Maps
Crime Reports
Crime statistics in the Philippines can often be inaccurate, hard to parse, or simply unavailable. Our concise reports condense this complex analysis process into meaningful, actionable insights and data.
Communist Insurgency
Interactive incident maps and detailed monthly insights into current NPA techniques, tactics, and target areas in the Philippines.
Islamist Insurgency
Interactive incident maps and detailed monthly geopolitical insights into current Islamist insurgency and terrorist activity in the Philippines.
Specialist Services
Cyber Threat Alerts
Stay informed about the latest cyber scams and IT security risks.
Monthly Briefing Webinars
Presented by PSA's Director of Business Intelligence, our monthly briefings highlight key topics and provide a forum for live Q&A.
Ask An Analyst
Reach out to our analyst team to get clear answers to your questions about any of our coverage areas and stories.
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